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Charles David Shoes:
Charles David of California brought its name to the America in 1987. Their business began as a wholesale importing company selling quality European shoes throughout the country. In just a few years, Charles David experienced rapid growth with the success of its footwear lines and has become a forerunner in the industry.
The primary strength of the company lies both in its creative inhouse design team and their reputable manufacturers in Spain and Italy which work together to anticipate trends and produce a high quality product in a short time.
Bluebell City Divine Entourage Legacy

Hobo Leather Frame Lizzie Clutch Monaco Clutch Rita Flap

Alaska Catelyn Elsa Orleans Parade

Catch Edge Kai Labyrinth Phase
Haute Couture footwear that is also very comfortable and accessible, Charles David, one of the world's favorite footwear designers, presents a line of fine quality women's fashion shoes.

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