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Tired of the same old dress shoes? Well, discover the unique, one of a kind styles from N.Y.L.A. These shoes are sure to stand out and set the wearer apart from the crowd, without sacrificing comfort. When you're ready to leave common footwear behind, let N.Y.L.A. excite your wardrobe.
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Charlie Earl Ingrid Letty Maribel
Nenna Professional Sassy Sharice Simpson

Though the shoes *are* expensive, for the past two years, I have managed to catch a SALE at the 4th Street location.  Yes, I have gotten $200 and $300 pair of shoes for no more than $40/pair (after its been marked down multiple times.)  I wear a size 10-11 if that matters.  I know I've probably been very lucky, but I do have a hard time finding affordable, comfortable, cute shoes otherwise.  Cheaper shoes from stores like Nine West, Aresoles, etc always KILL my feet.

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